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Bopworx began a few years ago when I finally had enough of damaging my bikes during transport and storage. Every time I travelled with my bike on a plane, inevitably I would end up on the other side with scrapes and dings to my prized possession - no matter how carefully I packed it. Every time I loaded and unloaded our bikes either into my vehicle or onto my bike rack, it was a time-consuming ordeal stuffing socks, pieces of old carpet and basically anything I could get my hands on between the bikes to protect them from damaging eachother. No matter what I used, it did little to prevent damage when the bikes were jostled around in transport. I realized that all cyclists faced these same frustrating issues, whether traveling by car, plane, or simply storing at home. 

Over the years, I searched in vain for a solution but found nothing. At every bicycle shop I visited, the staff clearly understood the problem and yet had no solution to help! There was nothing on the internet either. This lit a fire with me and set me thinking about solutions for all the preventable yet damage-causing situations that occur when traveling with your bicycle.

Bopworx protection System

We have spent the last few years developing our current range of products and a number of additional ones yet to be released. We have worked with cyclists and retailers globally to repeatedly test new generations of prototypes and continuously evolve the design. We’ve purposefully engineered these products to be tool-free and as universal as possible so they are easy to use for cyclists of all types, whether racing, mountain biking, or just on a family vacation. The "bicycle outer protection" (BOP) system was designed to protect your bike/s and its surroundings while transporting on a bike rack, in a car or van, in a bike bag or box and even during storage.

Now you know you are protected, go out and join the damage free revolution. Enjoy your next cycling adventure. Take care out there!!!