Forgotten not Gone streamliner
Daily driver: Military veteran Peter Guidry actually drives this baby around town. Through the "Forgotten Not Gone" foundation, he helps many who have served in the armed forces and are having trouble re-entering society.

Enduro locking BB for pres-fit applications
Enduro Bearings makes a range of thread-together bottom bracket assemblies for press-fit systems. The cups cinch together and, reportedly, eliminate creaking associated with conventional press-in systems. Prices range from $189 to $289 USD.

Bosch drive motor
What is inside a Bosch electric bicycle drive system? Most of the electronics communicate between torque sensors and speed controls.

HED Raptor Rim
HED's Raptor 45-millimeter carbon rim and wheelset was one of the most promising new designs at the show. Built wheels use Industry Nine or Onyx hubs.

HED Raptor Rim
Locking bead wells and short flanges secure Plus-sized tires from lateral forces. The 27.5-inch rim weighs only 420 grams.
HED Raptor
The center section of the "Y" shaped profile is raised to add rigidity and vertical strength, and then the rim flares out to catch the tire beads.

Defeet socks
Defeet's sock range began here - and then it got wild.

Bopworks molded padding
Bopworx makes high quality padding devices that protect your bike from harm while it is inside a travel case, when lashed to a bike rack, or crammed into your vehicle. Elements are purchased separately as needed. The axle spreaders fit both through-axles and quick release models. Rollers protect fork lowers from grinding on the pavement.

POC Coron day glo helmet
"Friends don't let friends wear Day-Glo." The Coron full-face helmet. POC evidently did not get that memo.

Maxxis ForeKaster 27.5 x 2.5
Maxxis showed a 27.5 by 2.6-inch tire with a wide-spaced, aggressive tread pattern.
maxxis Forekaster 2.6 tire
My first thought was that the Forekaster could be the perfect "mud spike" for Plus-sized bikes.

VerifiR: Invisible Security Chip that Anyone Can Read

Ever wonder if that Santa Cruz V-10 leaning on the coffee house wall was the one that was stolen from your garage last year? Innovator Jurgen Schmerler developed a security chip that can be molded into a carbon frame, secured with adhesives to a metal one, added in the form of a decal, or concealed under a painted finish. When scanned closely by any smart phone, the chip launches a free app, which then indicates what kind of bike it is, who it belongs to, and whether it has been stolen or not. Reportedly, at least one conspicuous brand is inserting the chip into select production bikes for 2017 and beyond.
Jurgen Schmerler
VerifiR inventor and founder Jurgen Schmerler.

VerifiR requires no battery. The chip is activated by energy radiating from the phone.
The chip can be hidden inside the frame or applied like a decal - a plus for retailers or owners.

The low calorie version is called Sliim
... and, our low-calorie drink is called "Sliim."

Mechanic s competition
Mechanics raced to complete complicated rebuilds and wrenching tasks in an elimination-round-style competition that took place over two days. The winner was Win Allen, owner of Win's Wheels, a pro shop in Southern California.

KMC instant Eagle conversion
You don't have to have a SRAM Eagle XX1 transmission to dazzle your friends with a golden chain. KMC's titanium-nitride-plated, hollow-pin, slotted X11 SL chain costs about $90, weighs only 242 grams, and is the maker's best 11-speed option. A 12-speed chain is in the works.

Blur trailbike
Affordable performance: We publish a lot of news about superbikes with sticker prices hovering near ten thousand dollars. The Blue Crew is a 140-millimeter-travel trail bike that costs $2800 USD, with a good parts spec' based around a SRAM GX one-by-eleven drivetrain and RockShox suspension.

electric powered la Ferrari for your toddler
Rastar's La Ferrari replica is electric powered with functional lights - and it can be driven conventionally, or operated by radio remote control, should its youthful owner not be up to the task.

Wear-Design, a French garment maker, will sublimate your team graphics on the chamois pad in your shorts. I couldn't help thinking that location would be more appropriate for the likeness of an arch rival, a nagging boss, or perhaps an unfavorable presidential candidate.

Zoic Rhoam Women s shoe 2016
Zoic launched a range of flat-soled shoes called Rhoam for both men and women. The Women's range is shown here.

Zoic Rhoam Women s shoe 2016
Women's Rhoam is sold in three colors, Uppers are suede with mesh ventilation: $80 USD, sizes: 5 through 10. Men's sizes are 4 through 14
Zoic Rhoam Women s shoe 2016
The Rhoam sole uses the same "HookUp" rubber that Zoic co-developed for its original Prophet shoe. Men's versions have a black sole.

RST dropper post
RST's Elev8 dropper post uses a rectangular shaft that rolls on pre-loaded needle bearings to eliminate side play - like Cannondale's Lefty "fork."

RST dropper post
The gas-spring/hydraulic cartridge can be removed and replaced from the top of the post with simple tools. The post is cable actuated and comes with two remotes: one top and one low-mount. Diameters are 30.9 and 31.8 and strokes are 125 and 150 mm. MSRP is $290 USD.
RST dropper post


bigquotesAfter dropper posts hit 170, it was only a matter of time when one of the dropper companies said, 'Oh yeah?' ...and made a 200-millimeter post.
- Heard at Interbike

9-point-8 200mm dropper post
9point8 offers dropper seatposts in strokes from 50, to a whopping 200 millimeters.

Reynolds 275 plus wheels
Reynolds 275 Plus Carbon wheels feature 40-millimeter inner-width carbon rims with low bead flanges and come prepared for tubeless. Hubs are Industry Nine with Boost axle spacing and I-Nine's three-degree freehub engagement. Reynolds pegs the weight at 1495 grams a pair. MSRP is $2500 USD.

Reynolds 275 plus wheels
Reynolds chose a lower profile for its premier 27.5+ rim - presumably to add some compliance. Graphics are more subdued for 2017.
Reynolds 275 plus wheels
Minimal bead flanges prevent the tire from levering the bead away from the rim when it is laterally flexed.

ISM saddle
I am sure there is a much more scientific explanation for this well constructed and innovative looking saddle, but I see a slipped-pedal-no-dropper-double-sack-popper.

Hope Woody Hole

bigquotesRunning a larger cog than you need gives you more than a bail-out gear. You will spend more of your climbing time in the outboard cogs, so your chainline is better. You can back-pedal without the chain dropping down the cassette and you have less wear on the components.
- Woody Hole: EWS racer and Hope manufacturing coordinator

Hope Cassette
Hope's extended range 10 by 46 tooth, 11-speed cassette.

Monkey paint scheme
Because everyone should have at least one bike with monkeys painted on it.

Gform 2017
G-Form added some length to the sleeves, gripper strips, and thicker padding with more wrap-around.
Gform 2017
The knee guards now have thicker padding and significantly more side coverage, with a vented mesh panel in the back.

Gform 2017
G-Form also had a cargo-style bib-shorts with padded hips on display. The shoulder straps are wide and constructed from a soft, vented material.

Gform 2017
Rotor announced that it would be making direct-mount, narrow-wide Q-Ring chainrings for its own cranksets, as well as SRAM and Race Face.
Rotor 2017
Rotor's direct-mount ring (right) can be indexed in five-degree increments to position the oval sprocket to maximize torque. Race Face Q-rings can also be timed, but SRAM's location (left) is fixed.

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