photos and story by Bryce Betts

As the BMX Race season is blowing by, the national schedule is getting shorter, many are left starting to plan for the next season. One thing that is certain however, is that all the manufactures, suppliers, and retailers at Interbike 2016 have already planned for 2017 and are already looking forward to the time beyond. People from all parts of the globe have flown into McCarran International Airport yet again to walk into the the halls of the Mandalay Bay to handle business, show off product, rekindle friendships, and everything in between.

The BMX Racing booths are few and far between in the large expo, but we still were able to find plenty of BMX-Race-Awesomeness between the cracks.

HT Pedals have really been making a name for themselves in the BMX scene. On display at the show they had all of the custom Olympic pedals. Corben Sharrah was running the X2SX pedals, while Niek Kimmann, Jelle Van Gorkom, David Graf, and Luis Brenthaeur were all on the T1SX. The cage on the X2SX pedals are a little larger (and heavier), but it is the pedal that Corben prefers.

The interesting thing about the HT pedals is that they are actually BMX specific. They took advice from their pros, and changed their enduro pedals to the needs of BMX racing. The pedals have tighter springs, and combined with their “BMX SX Cleats – X2″, it should be hard to unclip. The BMX specific pedals are out now, and if you have the older enduro pedals (HT T1), you can buy the BMX – SX rebuild kit to change out the springs / cleats.

KHE (parent company of Free Agent) was showing off their Manhattan Hot Rod. This sweet old school bike comes in black, orange, and now red. The complete bike is only $269 – $289, making the bike a perfect addition to the garage for cruising through the pits or to your local corner store.

Stealth now has a 20mil disk hub which is out now at the same price as their normal hubs.

Hyper/SNAFU had a popular booth. Although the likes of Travis Pastrana and Ryan Williams from the Nitro Circus may have distracted most, they also had new products under their tent. Snafu now has 20mill forks and new bars with a sleek crossbar available in black and jet fuel.

Profile Racing always comes out with some sweet limited edition color ways. This color way is brought to you by freestyle pro Lima Eltham. The color-way works for both freestyle and race however, as it comes in the mini hubs, elite hubs, and the push topload stem.

SE racing was showing this awesome tribute to the OM flyer himself – Scott Breithaupt.

Along with the tribute bike comes the new 2017 PK Ripper from SE. This bike features a tapered head tube/forks as well as closed 20mill dropouts.

6D helmets came out with new graphics for the ATB-1 helmet. The new graphics come in Black-White-Red (shown) and Black/Carbon. The new helmet will be out in december, and features a new more angled mouth piece to comply with European safety standards and make the field of vision larger. This graphic is also moving into the youth helmet, which will feature a new more edgy visor.

Razor is always a fun booth to check out every year. The booth filled with fun toys is essentially a sneak peek into what will be flying off the shelves come December for BMX boys and girls alike. Pictured is the new Crazy Kart Shift. This is a revised version of the Crazy Kart, geared more for kids. This newly designed ride is more simple for the young ones, getting rid of the drift bar. Built for riders 8 and up, it is set to come out this fall at a friendly $199 price point.

This Park-Tool is pretty sweet. The IR-1.2 is the internal routing kit, perfect for the newer frames with internal routing. This easy to use tool speeds up the process of internal routing with a magnet. Although this isn’t a new tool, there is now a new attachment which makes it easier for smaller frame holes. The product is in stock and shipping to distributers now with a MSRP of $69.95

Sidi came out with their new Tiger, which is their new top of the line shoe. The Tiger not only looks sweet, but it is also jam packed with new features making it a truly awesome shoe. The newly designed tongue takes shape from a modification many were doing themselves, by slitting a V into the top of it. The Techno-3 Push dial system is also now relocated to the top of the shoe, which not only provides a more even closure, but also could hold up better in the event of a crash. These shoes are also of course equipped with their top of the line SRS carbon sole, ensuring that all of your power will be applied to the ground.

GoPro had a huge booth, which is always a fun one to check out. On display were their new hero and session 5 cameras (shown above), as well as the new Karma drone. GoPro has done a great job staying at the top of the food chain in a progressively more competitive market, by making a truly cohesive ecosystem of products. If you have any questions about the confidence many have in GoPros’ new line, just take a look at their stock which has jumped from $12.80 on September 13th to 17.15 on Sept 23rd.

A while back we debuted BOX components new logo, as well as their inclusion of the BOX HEX LAB, BOX ONE, and BOX TWO lines. The process of rebranding has started, as seen above. In the top left corner is their newest product, the BOX ONE alloy handlebar. This handlebar should be out within the next month, and offers a great transition for riders from carbon to chromoly. It has a nice anodized black finish, and will be available in 6, 6.5, and 7 in rise within the next month.

Beside the new handlebar also sits the the BOX X5 forks which will be available in late December.

The Shimano XC90 has been one of the favorite shoes of the stars for a while now. The XC90 is now out with the old, and the S-Phyre XC9 is in with the new! The entire Shimano shoe line has been refreshed, and the S-Phyre is their top of the line shoe. This shoe has all the bells and whistles with Boa enclosures, a stiffer lower sole, and even a new partnership with Michelin who makes the rubber for the bottom of the shoe. The S-Phyre will retail at $400, and come in black, blue, and flo yellow.

100% has been making its way into BMX rapidly over the past few years putting their goggles on tons of top pros and experts. They have now launched their “next phase” in premium bike apparel. The R-Core Jersey and pant are completely designed to move and compliment a riders movements with high quality materials. The DH jersey and Pant (pictured in the front) are available now for $59 and $139 respectively.

On the topic of new race gear, Hot Shoppe was on display with their new Q-ONE race pant. The pant as seen winning the Olympics is available in all sizes youth through Adult 42. The lightweight pant features a Kavlar knee, airports on the front, and ventilation on the back. There is a 4 week lead time from art approval, and the pants retail for a fair price of $149 to $109 depending on quantity.

Nic Longs custom Olympic bike was on display at the Haro booth, producing a lot of “ohs” and “ahs”.

This G-Form display with half a set of Connor Fields gear was a great visual.

Leatt also had a new line of race gear which they were showing off. Pictured is the 5.5 IKS pant. IKS stands for “Internal Knee brace system”, which is essentially their 4 layer knee which reduces wear in the knee. These pants are extremely light weight, and jammed packed with featured. The new pants are 75% stretch material, and 25% hard material. Although this is an MX line, the pants available in sizes 28-36 would make for a great BMX race pant should you desire. The IKS 5.5 pant comes in at $179 and they also have a 4.5 line which will retail at $119. Both pants will be out next month.

Last but certainly not least comes one of our favorite products of the show by Bop Worx. BOP stands for Bicycle Outer Protection, and thats exactly they do. This new company specializes in Bike protection during transport (on a rack, in a car, or in a bag while shipping). In the back of the frame you can see a bumper which helps against impact. There is also a a double bumper, which is showcased holding the seat post. But the product that interested us most was the Bop Wraps. there are two sizes, the large, and small – and both wrap around various parts of your bike to give a customized amount of protection. The Bop Wraps should be out in January at a very fair price point – large $19.99, and small $14.99. These products will be carried in all REI’s as well as online in America. Not bad for a new born company!

As everyone was packing up, we overheard many types of conversation. Some were excited, looking forward to their new leads. While many were excited, many seemed distraught. As some were giddily discussing new opportunities, many were complaining. While we didn’t hear anyone question their product, many blamed the audience for “not getting it”. Every year there are wacky one off companies who make their big debut at Interbike, only to be never heard from again. But with every failed company (or two), comes a triumphant entrepreneurial story of another successful company. There is no way to know what the next big thing in BMX is, but we guarantee there will be something!

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