Ortlieb has a full bikepacking lineup for 2017 which includes a Seat-Pack, Handlebar-Pack, Frame-Pack, and Accessory-Pack. It uses the same wet gear design that all of their product lineups use, they’re 100% waterproof,  durable and made in Germany. The four bags cover all the important storage locations on the bike.


Accessory-Pack, Handlebar-Pack, Frame-Pack and Seat-Pack

The 15-liter Handlebar-Pack features a two-way roll closure for easy access from both sides, and the waterproof roll up keeps your sleeping bag and apparel dry in any situation, and it retails for $134.95. The Handlebar-Pack has an attachment system to mount it securely to any handlebar design. It keeps the load ratio balanced on the bike and features additional hooks for connecting the Accessory-Pack. It utilizes a welded construction with fabric nylon fabric and PU materials and weighs 417 grams.

The Accessory-Pack has a volume of 3.5 liters and offers additional storage space to the Handlebar-Pack and retails for $74.95. It uses adjustable metal hooks to fix it as an extra pack to the Handlebar-Pack, and it can also be directly mounted to the bars or used as a hip-pack. It utilizes a welded construction with fabric nylon fabric and PU materials and weighs 206 grams. It’s ideally suited for smaller items, such as snacks, smartphones and anything you quickly require.

The saddle bag or Seat-Pack is expandable and offers a storage volume between 8 to 16.5 liters and retails for $159.95. The pack is suited for multiple apparel items and other equipment, and it has an adjustable rolling closure system with an innovative purge valve for quick compression. It utilizes a welded construction with fabric nylon fabric and PU materials and weighs 430 grams.

The Frame-Pack will be ideal for bulky items such as food and tools where it can reside close to the bike center of gravity. It will fit in the frame triangle, and they’ll be two sizes, a 4-liter medium for $134.95, and a 6 liter large for $149.95. The pack is built robust and sturdy and has Velcro straps for attachment and weighs 174 to 220 grams.


Although not new, I like their Duffle RG, which is a durable and waterproof travel bag and it’s outfitted with an aluminum frame, large 90mm wheels, telescope aluminum handle, and impact-proof underside for off-road protection. The RG is free standing when full or empty, and can be wheeled, carried one handed or worn as a backpack. The waterproof polyester fabric and the 10-mm waterproof TIZIP Masterseal zipper ensure that the bag’s contents remain optimally protected in all conditions.

It comes in a 34, 60 and 85-liter sizes, Black and Sun Yellow color schemes and retails from $325.00$375.00. The smaller 34-liter version measures 21.6 x 13.7 x 9 inches which qualify it as a carry-on bag on commercial flights. 



The Bopworx Bicycle Protection system was born from the need to protect your valuable bike investment from damage during transportation and storage. They just released their latest protection product, the Bopwrap, which allows you to wrap up multiple sections of the bike using easy to secure, reusable high-grade rubber attachments. The rubber straps allow you to quickly and easily secure it just about anywhere on the frame. They can also be joined to make larger wraps.


From frame tubing to pedals, to handlebars and more, this incredibly flexible protection is our most versatile. Their product suite consists of the Fork Guard, the Bop Bumper, the Double Bumper and the Rear Derailleur Guard, all of which function as high-tech versions of foam, padding, bubble wrap, pipe insulation, and other forms of protection. Each of their products cushions and decreases excess movement, preventing scratches, dings, breaks and unwanted damage to bike components and frames.

The CEO and inventor of Bopworx Paul McGriskin and his Wife Ciara who hail from Lisnaskea, Northern Ireland gave me a delightful walk through of their product lineup. I enjoyed stories about Ireland which I visited many years ago, drinking Irish tea (with milk) and I loved their wickedly thick Irish accents. They also have a top secret product coming along that will fill in a design gap for thru-axle bikes.



The new Hydrapak SpeedCup re-useable hydration cup is a pretty innovative product and was a byproduct from European running races that have a green orientation to be cupless. The lightweight SpeedCup comes in at a minuscule 6 grams and offers a decent 120ml swig of water. It has a small ring on the top for your finger and is collapsible for easy carrying. Although made for running purposes it would be a great item to stash in your pack for biking and hiking.

  • Reusable cup for cupless racing
  • Soft and ultra collapsible, slip it into any pocket
  • Free standing, designed for UTMB
  • Custom printing available
  • 100% BPA and PVC Free
  • Durable, built for a lifetime of tough use


Light & Motion

Light & Motion tweaked their Seca lineup this year and now have a model 2200 and 1800. The illuminated control buttons have been raised and are more prominently, so they have a better tactile feel when being used with gloved hands. The Seca 1800 now has four light beams, with the lower one being more defused for better trail functionality. The waterproof lights both feature CREE LED’s, enhanced firmware, custom engineered reflector/optics that diffuses the bottom LED to cover an ultra-wide spread down in front and focuses the top LEDs for penetrating the darkness and maximizing riders’ depth perception

The Seca 2200 includes the 2200 lumen and a 6 Cell battery pack, a handlebar mount, a GoPro mount interface, a battery strap, a charger, and retails for $470 for the Enduro version and $400 for the Race. The Seca 1800 includes the 1800 lumen and a 4 Cell battery pack, a handlebar mount, a GoPro mount interface, a battery strap, a charger, and retails for $360.


Light & Motion is lighting up the drone market with their new Seca 2200d, which was optimized for smaller drones such as the 3DR Solo, DJI Phantom, and Inspire, the integrated GoPro interface is versatile and secure and offers multiple mounting options. Custom-engineered optics with four Cree LEDs provide a 24-degree beam with a blistering 2200 lumens of output. The Seca 2200d runs off of its 2-cell battery, leaving the drone with full power for maximum flight time. This modular design allows freedom to mount the light head and battery for proper balancing separately. Additional batteries can be added to ensure that, even in the most remote setting, drone users have the runtime to get the shot.

The Seca 2200d includes the 2200 lumen and a 2 Cell battery pack, a GoPro mount with an extension arm, a battery strap, a charger, and retails for $380.

The Imjin 800 is a compact and versatile light that offers a powerfully focused beam to run on your helmet. It utilizes an optimized reflector that uses micro peens to make the beam broader and smooth without hotspots, and an external battery for the longest of rides. It features the 800 lumen light and battery pack, a handlebar mount, a GoPro mount interface, a battery cradle and retails for $200.

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