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MTB Bundle

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RRP - $135.00

Now reduced to: $121.50

Our MTB Bundle is designed to cover the storage and travel needs of mountain bikers. The MTB bundle comprises: - 3 Bop Bumpers and 3 Pairs of Large Bopwraps. The Bopworx Bop Bumper is designed to create space and padding between a bicycle frame and another object to prevent them from impacting each other - - So why not avoid any further scratches, dings and bumps to your bicycle frame during transit or storage. The Large Bopworx Bopwrap, which is sold as a pair, allows you to wrap up multiple sections of the bike using easy to secure, reusable high-grade rubber attachments - Can be used time and time again in a multitude of situations which makes it a very worthy investment. For full product descriptions of each product and "how to use" product videos, please click on each individual product page.

MTB bundle contains:

  • 3 Bop Bumpers
  • 3 pairs Large Bopwraps

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