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Interbike 2016 – Ortlieb, Bopworx, Hydrapack and Light & Motion

The Bopworx Bicycle Protection system was born from the need to protect your valuable bike investment from damage during transportation and storage. They just released their latest protection product, the Bopwrap, which allows you to wrap up multiple sections of the bike using easy to secure, reusable high-grade rubber attachments. The rubber straps allow you to quickly and easily secure it just about anywhere on the frame. They can also be joined to make larger wraps.

Interbike 2016 – Ortlieb, Bopworx, Hydrapack and Light & Motion

From frame tubing to pedals, to handlebars and more, this incredibly flexible protection is our most versatile. Their product suite consists of the Fork Guard, the Bop Bumper, the Double Bumper and the Rear Derailleur Guard, all of which function as high-tech versions of foam, padding, bubble wrap, pipe insulation, and other forms of protection. Each of their products cushions and decreases excess movement, preventing scratches, dings, breaks and unwanted damage to bike components and frames.

The CEO and inventor of Bopworx Paul McGriskin and his Wife Ciara who hail from Lisnaskea, Northern Ireland gave me a delightful walk through of their product lineup. I enjoyed stories about Ireland which I visited many years ago, drinking Irish tea (with milk) and I loved their wickedly thick Irish accents. They also have a top secret product coming along that will fill in a design gap for thru-axle bikes.

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