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Bopworx Bikeguards

Bopworx was born out of necessity, invented by Paul McGriskin as he became frustrated by the effort required to load/unload and protect six bikes while touring the west coast of the USA with his family. It was the kind of product that he expected to find at his local bike shop, but there was nothing on the market.

There are four products in Bopworx’s current catalogue. The Bop Bumper attaches to a bike to protect it; the Double Bumper fits in between two bikes to keep them separated; the Fork Guard substitutes for the front wheel and saves space; and the Rear Derailleur Guard delivers on the promise of its name.

Each bikeguard can be used when transporting the bikes on a carrier, storing them in the shed/garage, or packing the bike in a travel case. The Fork Guard has a retractable tab for disc brake pads and can be used with standard quick-release dropouts or 15mm thru-axles. The Rear Derailleur Guard is not compatible with thru-axles.

Bopworx Bikeguards

There were no surprises with any of the Bopworx bikeguards. The frame bumpers and fork guard were easy to fit and they performed exactly as expected. However, the buckles didn’t lock into the bumpers, so in the first instance, they had a tendency to fall off as I was positioning the bikes or threading the straps. Once the strap tension was set, though, they made it easier remove and re-use the bumpers.

The derailleur guard required a little more effort to fit. Bopworx instructs that it should be fitted between the hub and the frame (rather than under the lock-nut of the skewer), which requires are few simultaneous operations: balance the bike, release the skewer and open the frame, then reset the locknut and close the skewer while balancing the bike and keeping the guard in place.

Once installed, the guard was sturdy but I didn’t test its effectiveness by tipping over the bike. Its utility is obvious though and should protect the rear derailleur (and the hanger) from a variety of blows.

Bopworx Bikeguards

The pricing for each bikeguard is quite reasonable however a family with a fleet of bikes may baulk at the expense of multiple bumpers and guards. Nevertheless, it will be a once-off expense that will be easy to justify if they are used regularly.

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