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Bike soup Review by Anna Cipullo

Too often I have marked the inside of my car shuffling bikes in and out of the boot, and too often I have seen scratches on the outside of boots where bikes have wriggled around and made a nuisance of themselves on the go.

And it’s not just cars that need help, it’s the bikes themselves; be that rubbing against themselves or taking hard knocks as the poor things are subjected to being crammed into vehicles and bike boxes and held at the mercy of their carriage.

I’m sure every cyclist has a ritual with a towel, some sponges or an old duvet sheet covered in chain oil, but there is another way… enter Bopworx.

Bopworx bicycle bike frame protection rear mech hanger derailleur fork wheels break block bumper rack car boot cover padding review vs best To read the full review go to – Bike Soup magazine

Bike soup Review by Anna Cipullo

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