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Baggage handlers filmed throwing bikes in bags off plane

Baggage handlers unloading an EasyJet plane have been filmed unloading what appear to be full bike bags from a plane’s hold and manhandling them onto a waiting truck. While no damage would be done to a regular suitcase handled in this way, one winces when one thinks of the expensive and fragile bikes inside these bike boxes.

They are lifted from the plane without incident. But rather than placed on the back of the truck, they are thrown down. It appears the baggage handler in question is acting to increase the speed of the unloading as placing each bike box down would take slight more time. The clip was filmed and Tweeted by journalist Andy Thronley. He often writes about cycling and his work is published in The Evening Standard, The Independent, Daily Mail and Private Eye.

When he Tweeted the video EasyJet replied seeking more information about where and when the incident had taken place. Thronley told then it was at Gatwick Airport in London just before lunchtime yesterday. The airline suggested the staff member in question worked for a ground handling agent.

This is the reason we invented bopworx. Your bike is too expensive to be thrown around like this.

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